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Unlocking the Language of Light

NXT Lenses - Unlocking the Language of Light

The sun’s rays are like a language. From the first notes of dawn until the last whispers of sunset, they hold the promise of a world filled with vivid color and stunning detail – that is, as long as you understand what the sun is saying.

Only NXT lenses truly know how to translate the language of light. They liberate you from a dark, dull world full of distorted images by utilizing advanced technology to control light at its purest levels. Light that carries color, detail and depth, so you can experience life in its purest form.

Trivex® Material

NXT lenses are made with Trivex material, an advanced polymer technology that powers the extreme impact resistance, optical purity and ultra-lightweight performance of NXT lenses.

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Perfect for Prescription

NXT Rx sun lenses use a proprietary process called Confined Tint to offer Light Translation Technology to prescription sunglass wearers.

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